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About us

We are a company that will implement all your innovative ideas. We strive to breathe life into our products, so the products created for you will be unique. It's time to realize your ideas together.

Creating precision products since 1996

Construction. Design. Production. Maintenance. Consultations. From the idea to its realization. Long-term experience and knowledge. Professional and stable team. We cooperate with one of the most advanced Lithuanian companies (in laser systems, optics, medicine, industry, music, solar energy and other fields). We take pride in our work and value long-term relationships with our clients.

We are versatile and unique

We adapt to the needs of individual customers. Customer drawing verification and consultancy. Innovative and tested design solutions. From research (design and prototyping/production, test lots) to unit and serial products. We work with different metals and plastics. Variety of manufacturing operations carried out (CNC milling, CNC turning, milling, turning, flat grinding, round grinding, thread grinding, heat treatment, gear cutting, spring making, cold working)

We use modern innovative equipment and software

  • Design program SOLIDWORKS
  • Manufacturing solution integrated with SOLIDWORKS program
  • Innovative CNC milling and CNC turning centers
  • 3D printing (including PEEK)