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Completed projects

Parts for medical laser devices:

Micromanipulator for laser beam transfer;
ZOOM with changeable distance between lenses;
Hinged arms (with 6 mirrors) for laser beam transfer;
Hinged arms (with 7 mirrors) for laser beam transfer.

Together with our customer, Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy of the Vilnius University, we have designed automatic guiding system for SPECTROPHOTOMETER.

This Automatic guiding system is a special-purpose astronomical instrument for the guiding of the 165 cm telescope to the celestial object, identification of the object and guiding its light to the center of field of view of the telescope, for the automatic guidance of the star in the offset regime, and for the guidance during the exposition. The Telescope is situated in Molėtai astronomical observatory of the Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy of the Vilnius University.

Various blister forms for tablets filling

Air Traffic Control consoles for the Area Control Center in Vilnius, Lithuania.

We have designed, manufactured, assembled and installed this equipment.

This new design and style of this operating consoles ensure excellent working conditions for the air traffic controllers.

Device for the precision measuring of the dynamic frictional moment.

We have designed and manufactured this device.

This device allows to apply central load (which is usually as high as operational load) to the rotating bearing in a such way that this load constricts the bearing but does not affect its rotation. Thus the pecision results of the measurements of the dynamic frictional moment of bearings are being obtained.

This device is important for the design, manufacturing and selection of precision bearings that have to rotate easily with the stable frictional moment despite constriction caused by central load. It is extremely important for design and operating of precise instruments and equipment.

SPARE PARTS for food industry, consumer goods industry and pharmaceutical industry.

base members, spindles, shafts, excentrics, maltese crosses, gears, sliding members, swivels, base flanges, guide screws, slider bearings, tie rods assemblies, various knives, springs, etc.

Aircraft bushing pressing toolkit

Vinyl record player, main disc

The disc is used in premium vinyl record players;

~ 300 mm diameter plastic disc surfaces are processed with a tolerance of 10 µm rear beat.