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Precision products for professionals: construction, consultancy, manufacture and technical support.

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A company designing and manufacturing precision mechanical products since 1996.
Our mission is to meet the needs of the developer and to implement ideas.
Our job is to offer reliable new design solutions!
Innovation and reliability are the driving force behind our activities!
Innovative precision products and parts thereof: medical, pharmaceutical, laser and optical systems, photonics, aerospace, manufacturing, light and food industries, automotive industry, robotics, drones, etc.
A team of highly skilled professionals.
Professional design and production programs for SolidWorks and CamWorks.
New machinery: Japanese CNC turning and milling centres.
3D printing – engineered plastics.
Excellent aesthetics and quality for our products.
Our products are accurate, accurate and reliable.
The company has a quality management system ISO 9001: 2015.
Vidmantas Jonas Kondroška

Why choose us?

Product construction, engineering solutions

Construction and technological documentation

Fast decisions on product design and construction

Models, prototypes, test lots, unit and serial production

Product technical maintenance

Training on our products


Design (construction) of goods, assemblies and parts and preparation of technical documentation. Consultancy
Manufacture of precision parts and assemblies (individual and serial products)
Scientific research work
Repair of parts and devices for BOEING aircrafts
Maintenance and training in relation to manufactured products.
Minor services: sharpening, grinding, screw grinding, gear cutting, milling, turning, drilling, spring wrapping, heat treatment of workpieces.

Completed projects

Medical laser parts
Vinyl record player parts
Medical laser parts
Aircraft bushing pressing toolkit